Some Kind of Date and Explore Fort Worth

Explore Fort Worth

Over the next few weekends I’ll be in or around downtown Fort Worth doing research for a photowalk. If you would like to join me be sure to follow me on Twitter or circle me on Google+ to get the details of where I will be and when I will be there.

The first exploration will be June 15th 16th, 2012 at 5pm and I will be starting at the little park between Bluff St and Belknap (across from the court house) and working my way towards Sunset Square. If you are planning to come make sure to bring water and hydrate ahead of time, nobody needs to be getting dehydrated in the Texas heat. Comment below with questions or to let me know you will be joining me (that way I don’t just take off and leave you behind). Also, street parking is generally free on the weekends after 6 or 7 but space is limited so you may want to be there early to find a parking spot. Also, if anyone joins me, we can head over to the Flying Saucer afterwards for drinks and german food.

UPDATE: I originally posted the wrong date. The correct date should have been June 16th (Saturday)

Some Kind of Date

While the Fort Worth Water Gardens were awesome for me to visit not all people share my enthusiasm. Perhaps the next date will be better. Smile!


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