The Milk Silo

Grunge + Portraits = Hours of Fun

I started messing around with some techniques to add a feeling of grunge to a couple of the portraits in my library (nothing worth sharing yet) and found that I can’t get enough. I found a pretty good, if not fast, tutorial (below) on the basics of applying grunge to a photo. One thing to note, I don’t have one of the plugins this video uses but I was able to get the same effect by creating a new layer and desaurating it completely and messing around with the levels, curves and exposure. It’s not as easy as the plugin filters but it costs way less.

The Milk Silo

I stopped on my way home from the office about a week ago and took a few shots of a park that I pass everyday. It is amazing how many power lines and other modern things there are in almost every frame I want to capture. This was one of those rare shots where I was able to avoid the power lines and hide the pesky water towers and street lights. All-in-all, I like the final result.


Steve Good

Professional software engineer, amatuer photographer, and part-time mountain biker.