The Hallway

There is a really interesting hallway at UT Southwestern Medical Center that just screamed “spooky” at me. I wanted to grab my camera and shoot some of the interesting angles and lines but I was a bit worried about offending patients and staff by walking around the hotel with camera and tripod in hand. As an alternative, I used my iPhone and captured the following video. I processed it a little bit in iMovie.

Living in a Hospital

I’ve spent the last five days pretty much living at UT Southwestern Medical Center. My step daughter has been unable to eat more than a few bites of food without throwing up for about three months. After many tests and even a surgery to remove her gall bladder, doctors finally admitted her to the hospital for observation and even more tests. As a result, my wife and I have spent nearly the whole time living I the hospital room with her. I ask, for those comfortable with it, for prayers for her health and that the doctors would be able find the problem and come up with a solution.

Steve Good

Professional software engineer, amatuer photographer, and part-time mountain biker.