Lion's Autosave and Versions support is Easy to Add

I am currently working through an older Cocoa book and learning how to develop apps for the Mac. While building the sample that demonstrates saving and opening files I noticed that my little application was already taking advantage of Lion’s new autosave and versions support. I recorded a quick video showing how easy it was to add this support. »

Using Dropbox as a Distributed Backup

A while back I made some improvements to the backup scheme we use at KaiNexus. The requirements were pretty simple and straight forward. All our backups had to be encrypted, offsite and distributed. While there are a number of for-pay backup solutions out there we were looking for the bare minimum and free solution. At the office, we all use Dropbox for file sharing so it seemed like a logical tool to use since we were all familiar with it. »

Sanitizing Lists of Email Addresses

I ran across an exception today where an email address was not being validated on submit or server side. Obviously this is something that needs to be done, but what about when you have a list of email addresses? The app I’m working on is old and lacks validation in most of the key areas. To combat this I created a method in a util object that will loop over a list of email addresses and validate each one by removing anything that does not match an email address structure. »

Replace Linked MP3 Files with an Audio Player Using jQuery

A client of mine posts links to recorded audio files in a blog like structure. Linking to the files doesn’t really create a great user experience and I decided to swap out the links with an embedded flash player to allow for instant playback while still providing a way for users to download the files. I chose the popular WordPress Audio Player and jQuery to assist me with this. The jQuery code is pretty straight forward. »

Author image Steve Good