The Trumpets Sound

Here is another shot I snapped while exploring Fort Worth and gathering info for my fall photowalk. This is on the side of Bass Performance Hall. The building and the angel are carved out of Texas limestone, which was quarried near Austin. You can read more about these amazing sculptures on Google Books. »

What Big Teeth you Have

I have been experimenting with a number of different photography techniques, one of those is the invisible black backdrop. Using this technique, I decided to follow my chihuahua around and generally annoy him with my flash. The result was a yawn captured at just the right moment. Isn’t he just so vicious? The Repository Visualized A while back I found a really interesting utility for visualizing the activity of a Git repository. »

Sundance Court

Father’s Day To all the father’s out there, including my own, happy Father’s Day! Kids, if you know what’s good for you you’ll wait on dad hand and foot! No, really. Sundance Court I grabbed this shot while doing research for a future photowalk around Fort Worth. It was a little bit of a surprise for me since I found this on a street that was more of an alley. »

Author image Steve Good

The Milk Silo

Grunge + Portraits = Hours of Fun I started messing around with some techniques to add a feeling of grunge to a couple of the portraits in my library (nothing worth sharing yet) and found that I can’t get enough. I found a pretty good, if not fast, tutorial (below) on the basics of applying grunge to a photo. One thing to note, I don’t have one of the plugins this video uses but I was able to get the same effect by creating a new layer and desaurating it completely and messing around with the levels, curves and exposure. »

Author image Steve Good

Some Kind of Date and Explore Fort Worth

Explore Fort Worth Over the next few weekends I’ll be in or around downtown Fort Worth doing research for a photowalk. If you would like to join me be sure to follow me on Twitter or circle me on Google+ to get the details of where I will be and when I will be there. The first exploration will be June 15th 16th, 2012 at 5pm and I will be starting at the little park between Bluff St and Belknap (across from the court house) and working my way towards Sunset Square. »

Author image Steve Good


Chromatic Aberrations The last round of photos that I processed really gave me an opportunity to hone my skill at removing chromatic aberrations, those pesky purple lines that plague so many digital photos. Thanks to a technique I saw on YouTube (below) I was able to take care of them without degrading the quality of the photo. Secrets Another photo taken at the Fort Worth Water Gardens. This was taken at the Quiet Pool just before sunset. »

Author image Steve Good

Grails, SmugMug and My Latest Photo

Well hello again internet, you’re looking good today I thought I would share a little bit about a project I’m working on. Since moving my blog over to Grails and Jelastic I’ve been making small and incremental changes. One of those recent changes brought about the beginnings of a Grails plugin for the SmugMug API. It’s not all the impressive yet, but I am now able to copy and paste an image url into the content of my posts and have it display that image inline with a link to the original. »

Author image Steve Good

Grails Console Tip: Running BootStrap and Using Services

I use the Grails console pretty heavily during application development and thought I would share a couple of tips that will help reduce some frustrations and make for a more consistent development experience overall. Running BootStrap.groovy If you have ever used the console you may have noticed that the BootStrap is never executed. Sometimes this is a good thing as we may not want to wait for all the init routines to run. »

Author image Steve Good

Grails and Bootstrap and Jelastic, Oh My!

When the news that Posterous was purchased by Twitter I decided that this would be a great time for me to rebuild and move my blog. This is actually the first post on that new platform. The rest of this post details the technologies used. The application itself is written using Grails. For those who are not familiar, Grails is an application platform and framework that leverages technologies like Groovy (a Java abstraction language), Spring, a dynamic template engine and more. »

Author image Steve Good

Uploading an image from iOS 5

Lately I’ve been working steadily towards getting an iOS app released for my company, KaiNexus. The first pass at this app will have the basic ability to submit an idea from your phone and be able to attach a picture. Since I am still a novice with Objective-C it was no surprise when I ran into a brick wall when trying to upload the image from the app. This prompted me to ask on stackoverflow to see what I had done wrong. »