The Way Out

Sometimes it is so easy to ignore the things around us that we see on a daily basis. The subject of this photo was no exception. This is a walkway at the office complex where I work 5 days a week and I never once thought to bring my camera and shoot it. A few days ago I decided to change that. Here are the results. SmugMug Grails Plugin Update A few weeks ago I mentioned that I was building a Grails plugin that aimed to wrap the SmugMug API. »

Stone Steel and Glass

This is the finished product of the image below. It was taken in downtown Fort Worth on my last photowalk research day. I was fascinated by the combination of glass, metal and concrete and the lines they formed. Normally, this is filled with flowing water but I got there just shortly after they turned everything off. I really dig the way everything looks even without the water. Brackets I saw a post on Google+ where someone posted a collage with the brackets used to make up one of their HDRs. »

The Trumpets Sound

Here is another shot I snapped while exploring Fort Worth and gathering info for my fall photowalk. This is on the side of Bass Performance Hall. The building and the angel are carved out of Texas limestone, which was quarried near Austin. You can read more about these amazing sculptures on Google Books. »

What Big Teeth you Have

I have been experimenting with a number of different photography techniques, one of those is the invisible black backdrop. Using this technique, I decided to follow my chihuahua around and generally annoy him with my flash. The result was a yawn captured at just the right moment. Isn’t he just so vicious? The Repository Visualized A while back I found a really interesting utility for visualizing the activity of a Git repository. »